Liberty West: BP (Bippu Pride) VIP Meet!

hello everyone, Cuban GS checking in. Now that the new blog and forums are back up (check the link at the top), i am very eager to share how Liberty West (Liberty VIP’s west coast chapter) has been putting it down lately.

First and foremost i would like to thank the host of these monthly meets, BP VIP, and all the great photographers out there spreading the VIP movement all over the internet! All the images will be linked to their corresponding Flickr, FB pages, etc.

now onto the pictures!

in order from left to right: Scarface, The Godfather, and KP

the action continues…..

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Philly International Auto Show

We are doing big things this year.  You can catch us at the Philly International Auto Show. 

The show officially opens Saturday Jan 28th and is on all week.  Be sure to check it out


Dinner Meet 12/3/11

Heading into the winter, moral is always low.  Many members feel that they took away lots of time from their families during the car show/meet season and try to make it up to them in the winter.  Also, no one wants to hang outside with a hoodie and coat on while it snows.  Others use the time to take their cars apart and save up for new mods going into the next year.  Because of those reasons, the message forums are kind of quiet.  We feel that it is important to get everyone on the same page and give them things to look forward to heading into the offseason.

Tonight, we decided to have a little get together at Applebee’s.  Luckily we had a greater showing than we anticipated (lots of maybe’s heading into the night).  A bunch of OG’s were on hand including Rodney, Chris, Will, Ty, Max, Ruben and new comer Gee.  Overall, it was a great time and a productive meet.  We discussed the future of the crew, our added responsibilities as we expand, getting more people involved in more regions, and just doing more for the scene.  Liberty is more than a club, we are a movement.

2012 is going to be a great year for us.  We have some news coming shortly that will let more of you guys into our world.  Stay tuned


Autofashion VIP Meet in Socal

It’s that time of the year again for the Autofashion vip festival meet right after SEMA.  For those on the west coast, there is no excuse, you should be there this Sunday in San Diego to see the best of the scene out west.  Liberty vip west coast will be there representing.  Unfortunately, the east coast members can’t make it this year but we will be represented well.  Be sure to say what’s up to our crew members.


Fresh Meet 10-30-11 NJ

Sunday 10-30-11 in Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City, NJ, there is a car meet going on.  Our friend Lou from Lower Class is throwing it.  We will be there with a few rides.  We plan to spend most of the event go-carting inside.



Canibeat First Class Fitment 2011 Aftermath

Oct 15th was the Canibeat First Class Fitment car show.  Out of all the shows we do, this is the second most important event on our show list (first is obviously BLACK).  FCF 2011 had lots of hype to live up to thanks to the success of their first show but they did deliver.  Even the cars in the parking lot could have made for a great meet.  The spectator parking filled up quickly and I had to do 4 laps before I decided to illegally park it somewhere.

Pic Credit: Evoked Photography (only the pic above).  The rest of the pics are Rob’s camera phone pics.

The vibe was real cool and laid back.  This year, we knew a lot more people than we did last year so it was nice seeing everyone. Continue reading

Canibeat First Class Fitment Oct 15th 2011, Princeton NJ

At the 2010 First Class Fitment, we had one of our best Liberty showings to a non Liberty event.  Usually, we never have more than 6-8 cars on hand at any given show but this one, we roll deep to.

Lots of our cars were sold while some went in for complete make overs.  Not one Liberty vehicle will look like it did last year.  Hope to see you all out.