New Addition: Sam is Now a Blogger

You all may remember Sam from MN who helped out with Burgy’s interior.  We got a chance to meet him last February when we all flew out there for a short vacation.  He’s a cool dude, always willing to help out and he loves to have fun.  For sure fit with the crew.

Sam is now a blogger on our site.  With all his DIY experience, he is going to bring us lots of new insights and projects.

Lets welcome Sam to the team.


New Addition: The General’s 2011 Sienna

Over this weekend, Will “The General”, picked up a new toy for his growing family.  He purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienna mini van.  Without saying much, you know where this is heading.

Liberty wagons/van’s sub-division coming to a town near you.  We got the right members with a proven track record with their car builds (Rodney with the Benz R-class, Ty with the 2010 Oddessy, and now Will with the 2011 Siena), changing their game up to mini-vans.  2012 is going to be very interesting.  I can’t wait to see what Will and the rest of the guys do to their vans.  Stay tuned.


New Addition: Dan 2GS and LS460L

We never introduced you guys to Dan but you may have seen his GS was parked with us a few times at different events including Summer Slam.

 Although his GS was a head turner, he admitted to rushing the project and not having it come out like he would have liked in person.  He recently sold his S13 and picked up a Lexus LS460L.  Learning from his mistakes, he plans to take his time with this one and build it right.  We should see it slammed with wheels at the very least by the Summer.  Let’s welcome Dan and his new big boy toy.


New Official Member: Johnny (Funky Harrier)

Yes folks, the LIBERTY VIP west coast chapter has yet another full fledged, LIBERTY plate carrying, member! Actually, he has been a active member of the LIBERTY forums for over a year now and has been a dedicated car enthusiast since who knows when! Johnny currently owns a freshly bagged and fitted 1998 Lexus LS (Celsior), which has shared team displays with Kevin and I a few times this year already! How do we know what Johnny is about? Well his previous build is a Lexus RX300 (Harrier), which has won quite a few trophies indluding “Best VIP”. If you are ever in Socal keep an eye out for this monster breaking necks everywhere it goes! DALE!

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New Official Member: Gee

You may have seen a few pics of the car in our event coverage but we would like to officially welcome Gee to the crew.  He lives in Queens NY and has pretty much been to all the meets in the area all Summer.  Will “The General” actually spotted him driving around town dumpt.  Gee wasn’t apart of any forums and didn’t even know much about the scene.  The car has been changing for the better since he started hanging with other members in the area.  With the commitment and enthusiasm he has been showing, It won’t be long til you see him being a major player in the NY chapter.

Lets welcome Gee.


New Addition: My Cadillac Deville

Since I can remember, I always wanted to do a Cadillac Deville or STS in vip style.  It is argued that the design cues from the 90’s and early 2000’s caddy’s inspired the Toyota Crown Majesta’s of that era.  in the mother land, Cadillac is very sought after because of this.


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New Blogger: Chris “CubanGS”

In 2012, we look to improve on our blog by adding new bloggers.  New to the team is Chris from Long Beach CA.  You may know him from his sick GS.

 His knowledge and love for the scene should make him a great addition.  Some people are just apart of the scene and others actually breathe it, he is one of them.  With all the work hes been putting in, we could just blog about his car daily and never run out of content.