No Guts, No Glory: King Ty 2011 Edition

We told you that Ty recently changed a bunch of things up for our last BBQ but now we have some pictures to back that up (thanks to Ray at GarageSpec).

Pic Credits: Garagespec

Check out the custom center console, looks baller.  The Cherry wood compliments the tone of the leather and darker dash pretty well but he did not get it right on one try.  He sent his entire interior wood trim pieces to get dipped a total of three times to achieve the color he wanted.  He didn’t stop there.

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No Guts, No Glory: 005 SC430 Interior

Will’s SC430 is finally fully coming together.  The 2-tone diamond stitch interior is completely done.  Although the car its self will command the respect it deserves, the attention to detail (which most won’t notice), is what really takes this car to the next level.

The inserts are perforated and the stitching is done so precise that it goes in every hole.  Those are the types of details that you would find in a Bentley interior.

Stay tuned for more of this car and better pics.


LIBERTY GARAGE: 027 Continued

The General is not satisfied with just making it in our rotation, he wants to crack the starting 5.  The warm up suit is coming off this season.

We showed you previously that the interior was stripped prior to heading up to DK but now we know why; he had black diamond stitched inserts placed in his saddle leather.  I haven’t seen that before in a vip style build stateside so it could very well be a first.  On paper it sounded risky but after seeing it in pics, it looks great.  It should go with the black dash-board well.  No guts, Not Glory


No Guts No Glory: Joe’s LIBERTY Headrests

Some take their love for the crew to the next level.  When Sam flew down to do Joe’s interior, they decided it would look sick to have our logo stitched on the seat headrest.  The problem was the top row (the established in 2008 part) was difficult to do because of the size and curves of the font.  Sam would search and search until he found someone capable at a reasonable price.  The rest is history

Above, Chris models the headrest cover.

Joe’s interior pictured above.  It takes guts to do something like this to your headrests. you have to really be committed to your crew.  No guts, no glory.


No Guts No Glory: 004

Some modifications are done to get noticed while others are performed just to blend in with what’s already there.  Those mods work best when you don’t notice them because they appear as if they came stock.  El Presidente just recently wrapped his Jaguar Vanden Plas headliner in suede.

(Visors are being done too, he ran out of adhesive)

The color match appears to be spot on with his Connolly leather.  When you look at the rest of the plush interior, you would assume the headliner came this way as factory equipment, it just feels right.


No Guts, No Glory: 003 Continued


We were fortunate enough to have Sam and Joe “Burgy” document their interior build on Joe’s Y33 Q45.  Check out how they did the visors.

“For the Visors, We always talked about how the small details make or break a project and that we wouldn’t be happy with a little of the stock grey left anywhere or that generic pocket sleeve that many people stuff their visors into and then sew up the last side. This led us to taking a big leap of faith and cracking open the visors. We figured worst case we break them and have to glue them all back together and clean them up before we re-wrap them. It turns out that they do come apart rather easily after all. And when I say easy….I really mean with lots of patience and force :lol:

We started with removing the OEM material again.

Then we started the process by popping one heat weld inside at a time.

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NO GUTS NO GLORY: 003 Continued

Since Joe was kind enough to take the time out to do a full write-up on his interior, we will share it with you guys just like it came from the horse’s mouth.  Due to the length, we broke it up into pieces to make it easier to read.

“The Next item is the A/B/C Pillars…Originally we wanted to do the same square patterned material as the outer edges of the headliner and we were even going to line it up and cut it so that the squares would be in perfect pattern with those on the headliner. This was not possible as we just didn’t have enough of that fabric and it was a season only fabric so we couldn’t get any more anywhere. It also may not have been thick enough to wrap on the pillars in the end so it wasn’t a big loss. So now we wanted a definite upgrade but something that would not detract from the headliner or the ostrich. We needed something that would be solid on its own yet not take away from anything else.

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