Photoshoot Spotlight: BK’s Q45 F50

Since the tragic event occured in Oct, his BK’s brother Davin now owns the car.  Check out some really nice pics of the Q that Jordan from DrivenMotive took at Black 2

Photo credits: Driven Motive

Forever live the king.  RIP


Update: Nax’s LS430

A Nax post is long over due.

He has been holding us down in St. Lauderdale Florida with one of the cleaner LS430’s out.  A few weeks ago, he sold his vip modular wheels and looks to start a new chapter for his ride.  2011 seemed like non stop modding and from the sounds of it, 2012 involves some crazy plans that will make 11″ seem like nothing was going on.  The warmup suit is about to come off (no homo) Continue reading

Photoshoot Spotlight: Travis Y33 Q45

Travis got upset that I forgot to include pics of his car (silver Y33 Q45) in one of the event coverage posts.  It is never intentional, most likely my fault for naming the file name something that I could not find.  Here is a nice pic that Quan took at the First Class Fitment car showPic Credit: Evoked Photography

You guys will see more of the car in the future and hopefully more from Evoked Photography.


More Chris

Since Chris’ car has been out, he has not gotten a proper shoot (not counting the one picture he had taken from Quan at Evoked photography).  It’s a shame because this is one of the better custom builds we have and it deserves its recognition.  You will see more of it in the near future as he has a few shoots lined up.

We just stumbled upon these pictures from “StayStetti

Sitting pretty on a custom body kit and 19×9, 19×10 step lip Luxury Abstract Admiror Limitied’

Continue reading