Profiles: Jermaine/Q45 Y33

Jermaine, out of Hawaii, can earn himself some hot sauce endorsements due to the color and flavor of his Y33.  The car is no stranger to custom work and continues to inspire the new breed of VIP tuners in the U.S.

Check out what he has to say…

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Profiles: Martin/2GS

Martin out of MA, has always taken lots of pride in driving low on coilovers.  To him, it’s all about how the car looks in motion.  It takes lots of heart to do that up on the North East where the roads are not lowered car friendly.

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Profiles: Dominik/Y32 Cedric

Dominik from Australia is a true ambassador of VIP style.  He  is one of the most influential people who helped the scene progress outside of Japan.  Not many people can say that they took the initiative to learn the language and study the culture to get a better understanding of the style.  Being the first foreigner to ever attend a Japanese VIP car meet and being pictured 3 times in Japanese VIP mags are just some of the accomplishments he has under his belt.  My whole crew is very honored to have Dominik (who also reps AusVip) on board.

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Profile: Dave/A8L

Dave out of NJ has chosen a very unlikely but very fitting vehicle to VIP style, the Audi A8L.  Seeing this long chassis lowered aggressively on some nice fitting 20″ AME wheels has had the locals in a frenzy.  Don’t be surprised if this ride changes the way people mod their 8’s and causes hardcore VIP enthusiasts to trade in their Lexus’.

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Profile: Ruben/M45

In the northeast VIP scene, the newer Infiniti M has taken the crown for being the most popular VIP “platform” car to style.  Seems like the torch has passed down from the timeless Lexus 2GS.  Although Ruben is still in his “warm-up suit”, his pearl white M45 certainly does not blend in with your average M

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