Liberty West: BP (Bippu Pride) VIP Meet!

hello everyone, Cuban GS checking in. Now that the new blog and forums are back up (check the link at the top), i am very eager to share how Liberty West (Liberty VIP’s west coast chapter) has been putting it down lately.

First and foremost i would like to thank the host of these monthly meets, BP VIP, and all the great photographers out there spreading the VIP movement all over the internet! All the images will be linked to their corresponding Flickr, FB pages, etc.

now onto the pictures!

in order from left to right: Scarface, The Godfather, and KP

the action continues…..

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Random Liberty Sightings: Obama Pardon’s “Liberty” The Turkey

Every year the US president picks a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving.  This year, he pardoned the bird (they are not going to kill it).  The turkey happened to be named Liberty.  Naturally when anything liberty related gets spotted, I get a few texts about it (even if it has nothing to do with the club).  Thanks Mel and John for the heads up.

Liberty, you are a lucky turkey.  You made our blog.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe.


Random Liberty Sightings: Nike SB Dunks “Statue of Liberty”

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that the Nike SB Dunk Statue of Liberty sneakers were going to be released in commemoration of the 125 year anniversary that France gifted us the statue.  Although I stopped caring about sneakers many years ago, I was interested in these for the obvious, they are being refered to as the “Liberty Dunks.”


Upon doing more research, I found out something interesting about these kicks;  When you scuff them up, they turn a copper color.  (The original statue was copper when France gifted her and due to oxidation has turned green.)

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Random LIBERTY Sightings: We Lost Track Of The Number

I know many of us has been plotting to do this but only Dave has managed so far.  Thats to take a pic next to the Liberty Tax mascott


Who wants to see this mascott at BLACK 2?


Random Liberty Sightings: 013

I actually have a whole bunch of these stored in my other computer.  Keep them coming, the good ones will eventually go up.

So I am riding around in Bobby’s GS in Philly turning heads as we prepared to shoot for the calendar when we notice a Liberty taxi.  It broke our necks.  The cab must have passed by like 20 times (okay, most likely not the same exact taxi) but I could never get a good picture of it.  Either it was too dark or the car would just be quicker than the speed of my camera phone.  I felt like a frustrated hunter.  When I stopped caring, the deer was right there in front of me for a perfect shot.  Got em!

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Random Liberty Sightings: 012

You already know the rules, when ever you see anything with the word “Liberty” in it, flash a camera phone pic and send it to

Our good friend Sam from Minnesota submitted these following pics.  Thanks for playing.

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