STOP IT!: 006

What good is it if a girl has nice shoes with corns and bunions on her toes?  She is just bringing more attention to her toes with her fancy shoes.  Same goes for having expensive rims and rusty little brakes behind them.  It’s something that should be addressed if your wheels expose the calipers.  Rodney definitely got his car game version of a manicure on with his Rotora Big Brakes that peek behind his 3pc Leon Hardiritt Ordens wheels.  Check it out.


Stop It!: 005

At Liberty, we like to promote complete builds.  This is why we highlight individual aspects of our rides that the average person may not have noticed.

As much of a luxury good brakes can be to your safety, most people associated with this style choose to upgrade solely for the look.  There is nothing like seeing a nice big caliper floating behind a wheel in motion.  Considering Charlies Work SC1 wheels have lots of open space behind them, their full potential can’t be achieved without a BBK.  You can’t argue that these bright red Rotora’s look at home behind these rims.

Rotora front 6 piston 2pc 355x32mm rotors


Stop It!: 004

When rocking the new Work Schwert SC5’s, you have to be brave.  I say this because your brakes make up for half of the look of the wheel.  Haters will have a field day if you have some rusted brakes behind these rims.  Tommi stopped the haters in their tracks when he equipped his car with his new StopTech BBK.  As for the performance, he couldn’t be happier.  Thanks Paul for helping with the install.

StopTech front 4 piston 355mm 2pc slotted rotors.


Stop It!: 003

Stop it, Slime!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this a “Liberty Garage” feature or a “Stop It!” feature.  I chose to go with the one that is easier to navigate.

My body shop put on the brakes in order for them to get the fender-work for the wheel fitment correct.  The actual calipers and aluminum brake hats are getting power coated a different color on the finished product.  I’m all hyped now seeing how these wheels eat up these rear 4 piston 355mm Rotora brakes up.

Those are the rears.

Check out the fronts

Front 6 piston 2pc 355×32 drilled/slotted rotors


Stop It: 002

When you choose your wheels, you must do so with caution.  If a wheel has lots of open space, you must remember that the area behind it will make or break the visual.  You can’t have $5,000 wheels with some tiny, rusted brakes behind them.  Ty kept that in mind before he placed his wheel order so when the time came, the presentation of his new look was not flawed.

Lexus UCF20 LS400 4 piston front calipers, 2 piston rears with some drilled and slotted rotors.  The calipers were sent off to get chromed.  From there, he had to send them out to be rebuilt.  The extra effort was well worth it.


Stop It: 001

As of the past few years, spokes and mesh wheels have been gaining much more popularity.  The 10 spoke wheel in particular have become the most popular design for Japanese wheel manufacturers when they design their new rims.  When rocking these wheels, you are exposing your brakes to the world.  Upgrading is a must.

Ruben shows us his new front and rear G37s Akebono brake upgrade done to his M45

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