The Road to VIP: Grind Daily

For those that wonder if he actually dailies his car that low on coilovers with the crazy camber, I think this means yes.

Cuban GS shows off his under carriage.  We wear this like a badge of honor.


The Road To Vip: Talking Cars

A couple of weeks ago, we just showed you Martin’s new ride hight on his BC coilovers.  The harsh reality is that you have to expect things to break at those heights.  Once you hit a certain point, every mm lower will cost you.  Props to Martin for doing it and props for messing up his bumper/lip and charging it to the game. His GS looks like it came straight out the movie Cars.The car looks ugly but it’s smiling, that’s all that matters.

Martin got a new bumper and lip repaired and was contemplating going to Import Alliance in Baltimore, all morning. He did make it and was actually upset that he didn’t go lower despite he previous issues.  A positive attitude is important to have when your car looks like it came out of a cartoon.




The Road To VIP: Having Tow Trucks Ruin Your Car

When we last left you off with Ty, he was on the side of the road, getting turned down by tow trucks.  Well when he finally got on one, it did damage to his car.  There was nothing he could do about it since his ride would not lift up.  He had to replace his side skirts and his custom rear bumper.  His LS460 bumper was over nighted to Dreamakers Kustoms so they could work on it and get it out before the Dub show this weekend in MD (which we will have a few cars at).

It sucks when you have your plans pushed back just to get your car in the condition it was in.  Ty should be picking up his car on Thursday.  This is the third time his rear bumper has been damaged.  When asked if he plans to have his custom rear lifted a bit (since they can mold it in higher if he wants) he said absolutely not.  He loves the look and the way it hangs. *Pause

There you have it, he rather deal with the potential issues just to keep the look.


The Road To VIP: F*** MegaBus

On Sunday, I met up with Brendan from Plymouth MA, in Manhattan NY.  Since he is going back to Dreamakers Kustoms for some more work, I decided to help him out with the drive there.  Otherwise, it would have been 9 hours each way for him since you have to go south then north west to get there.

It felt good having a F50 Q45 back in my driveway.  All the neighbors asked if I painted it silver.

When it comes back from the shop, he is going to be the new “WidebodyQ” Continue reading

The Road To VIP: Getting Turned Down By Tow Trucks

Liberty shutting down the Southern State Parkway in NY!-Not quite.  This is the ugly part of the game that often gets over looked; the struggle.  Ty recently ran into a series of bad luck events that had his car sidelined on the highway for hours.  One of his airbags which had a slow leak, popped.  Before we get into a debate about bags, this one was user error.

He recently replaced his bags with smaller ones to allow him to drive much lower while keeping a nice ride.  That means the max lift from the ground position is about 3″ tops where it used to be closer to 4.5″.  When you change things, sometimes it takes a while before it becomes embedded in your brain.  The PSI reading in the old bags to achieve what he considered a comfortable ride, was pushing these new bags to their limits.  Ty went by the pressure that was shown in the gauges, forgetting that new bit of info.  He had more than these smaller bags were built for which caused one to pop.

During this time he tried getting a tow but they kept turning him down.  He waited hours.  You will find out that tow trucks hate towing lowered cars because it takes so much longer and there is a risk of parts breaking off as they drag.  His friend Vlad came to help him out with a battery charger and stick around for moral support which he is grateful about.  Ty was finally able to get a tow about 4-5 hours later and said he won’t let this experience scare him off.  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.


Road To VIP: Bent Wheels

These NYC/North East streets are very unforgiving.  They don’t care if you baby your car or if you have a show coming up in a few days, they will still get you!

Ruben took a loss to the hands of the Bronx streets. Continue reading

The Road To VIP: Cracked Lip

Unless you build your car and leave it in the garage, there will be lots of pain along the way.  Martin from Chicago was just showing me his new ride height.

Unfortunately, when you roll this low, you have to expect to break things.  He just cracked his TTE lip and it yanked off of the car.  Check it out

Battle wounds hurt but the scars bring pride.  This shows that he actually does drive at low heights.  Hopefully you guys won’t see it in this condition for long since presentation is a big part of this scene.

P.S. Yes those are shake weights on the upper right.  Thats how Martin gets down (no homo).