Update: Kingpin’s New BBS LM’s

Kingpin has been putting in lots of work as of late.  He is taking his already sick build to a new level.  We will give you more details on everything else he has going on.  For now, check out his new BBS LM’s

He plans to re-finish them and do the faces in another color and reverse mount them which will give off more lip and lower the offsets (can’t do this with all wheels).  What do you think of the new look as is?  Should he keep them gold? Continue reading

Update: Ruben’s M45 wheel test fit

Not too long ago, you seen Rubens wheels for sale.  He is set on two wheels, the Luxury Abstract Grassor and the Grassor-C.  There are differences other than one being concave and the other not which is why it wasn’t a clear cut choice for him.  On this freezing cold day, we met up and did a few test fits at a half way point.  Rubens Jack will never be the same lol.

Check out a quick test fit we did with the Grassor.  You will have to wait and see what he ends up with, the size and options he chooses.

Shown in 19″ step.  They look tiny due to there being no tire and the car being on a jack.  I can’t wait to see what he decides on.


Update: Nax’s LS430

A Nax post is long over due.

He has been holding us down in St. Lauderdale Florida with one of the cleaner LS430’s out.  A few weeks ago, he sold his vip modular wheels and looks to start a new chapter for his ride.  2011 seemed like non stop modding and from the sounds of it, 2012 involves some crazy plans that will make 11″ seem like nothing was going on.  The warmup suit is about to come off (no homo) Continue reading

UPDATE: CubanGS New Wheels

You seen lots of the oni-camber cars from Japan but none like this in the states.  Check out CubanGS’ new wheels and added camber.  I personally think the SSR Viena wheels are more fitting on his car than his previous Work Equips.

PS, its on coilovers and he daily drives it.

We will have coverage from the AF meet in SoCal coming soon


Update: Kevin Adds More Front Camber

Kevin from SoCal, just recently dialed in some more negative camber in front of his Y34 M45 and the results look great.  Some might say “why would he sacrifice flush fitment?”

While fitment is an important part of the scene, the overall flow of the car is more important.  Besides, if he feels the need to go flush, he can just add a spacer.   Continue reading

Update: Big Martin is Back

Martin is back is action.  One of our OG members has been out of commission when he blew his engine about a year ago.  Since then, he has been modding his Honda Accord wagon but just recently got around to getting a new engine for his GS.

He looks to get busy right away as he had his front spindles cut so he can drive lower without banging the strut tower.  Supra brakes were another nice addition to his ride. Continue reading

Kingpin Earns his Wings

Yudi “Kingpin” just earned his Liberty plate.  Actually, he earned it a while back, we just didn’t have any more in stock.  We will update you during the week as to who the new guys with a plate are.

For those who missed it, we only designate plates to members who not only meet the car requirement but also meet the participation requirement.  The people are as important as our cars as the members are a reflection of the entire crew.

Yudi stuck around to beat the “time served” challenge.  He is very active on the forums, he has a few vouches in Canada and his car has seen a few meets/shows.  He has also been very helpful by looking to help others.  Thats what we are all about.  Congrats Yudi.