Video: Ty’s Final Run with the GS (or was it?)

For those who are on the message forums, you all know that Ty was selling his GS.  He actually had a buyer ready and decided to take the car out for one last run before he singed the paper work to surrender the car. It just happened to be the warmest winter day that we had in about a century so Will and Mario decided to head over to the beach.  The day was perfect.  Needless to say, his final run with the car ended up being anything but.  He decided to keep the car.  Check out the video our friend Mario did that finalized his decision to keep her

video credit: Revhartvideos


Martin Rolling to FCF

Martin missed most of the season with his car but was able to attend the First Class Fitment show last October.  Check out his ride rolling there on coilovers (he plans to get new coilovers in stiffer rates shortly)

6332789616 -click for video

This blog doesn’t support Flickr so you have to click on the link to see the video


Rollin”: CubanGS

From all the pics and videos floating around on CubanGS’ ride, it looks like he shut down that AF meet.  When you roll this gangster, it comes with the territory.  Check out a few sick videos we got for you guys

Pic credit: Tanner Nichol

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Brendan’s Offical Video Tribute

After we got to DK and cleaned the car a bit, Nate took us to an active airport (with mini planes landing and taking off only 15 feet away) and managed to take the car for a few laps while Kenny recorded in the car behind.  This was while the airport manager was making threats to us.  The risks made it all worth while since we got to put together an epic video for Brendan.

Video Credit: Kenny Cano

We have to thank Kenny and photographer Mike for going along that long 8 hour round trip with me to get this done.


Gone But Not Forgotten: Brendan

Jermaine took the time out to go through a bunch of videos and pics to put together footage of Brendan and his car.  Thanks, we really appreciate that.

It’s been tough trying to sleep so far.  I could only imagine what his family and girlfriend are going through.  Our prayers are with them.