Will Choo Choo Chau

The General most have paid $140 into the raffle for his shot to win the motorized cooler at the BLACK2 raffle.  You would think that would be more than enough chances to win but he came up empty handed.  He did manage to get one ride out of it though.  Check out his handling skills


Pre-BLACK 2 Rolling Video

With all the cars out together, did you really think we wouldn’t get any video’s?  Stay tuned, we got a lot more coming.

This is an amateur one Rodney took but sick non the less.  We will have some pro-ones getting finished up.


BLACK 2 Video

Mario from revhartvideos did a sick video for us, covering BLACK2.  Thanks Mario for covering the event

You definitly had to be there.  The quality was top notch.  There were hardly any “filler” cars in the lot, they all had their own swag.  Hope to see you all at BLACK3 next year.  Stay tuned for more pics.


Lowest Drive-able Category at Black 2

Rob just switched up his suspension to get lower all around, while maintaining a nice firm ride.  He is now on shortened BC coilovers with UAS bags on top.  According to Philly, he said he wishes he made the switch a lot earlier since it “rides like a hubba-craft.”

With his new ride hight, you have to wonder if he will win the “Lowest drive-able” award at Black 2?  In this category, cars must roll about 1 foot and the measurements are taken from the bottom of the front door edge.  Why 1 foot?  First off, safety precaution.  Second, less than a foot can be won by “cheating.”  What we mean by cheating is parking your car a lot lower than it can actually drive at, and gassing it to go a couple of inches.  By having to drive a foot, you can’t really fake the funk. Continue reading