Winter is here…time to raise the car 3mm to clear ice.

Simple shot I took after taking my daughter to the park… (Hipstamatic via iPhone 4s)

Yes, the title is just for fun, I don’t raise it at all. Driving low in the winter isn’t really too much of a challenge. You just need to look out for accumulated ice that drops off from people’s wheel wells (you know, those gray/black blocks) ..other than that it’s quite simple. Low and slow is the way to go…


Winter Mode Allstars: Ruben M45 Y50

You west coast guys think of snow as the magical white powder only seen in Christmas movies, that falls from the sky.  We view the matter a little bit differently.  The salt used to melt it, is very harsh on our wheels.  Because just about all of the crew on the north east daily drives their cars, they take their wheels off to preserve them for the other 9-10 months of the year.  That doesnt mean we can’t look good when we are in winter-mode.

M45 equipped with 19″ 370Z wheels.

Ruban slapped on his winter wheels a little earlier than most.  The reason being that he just sold his Weds Kranze Vishunu’s.  His previous set of wheels were 20″, these are 19’s.  He loves the look and is contemplating going with 19″ for his next set.  What do you guys think, 19’s or 20’s?


Winter Mode Allstars: 006

While Fat Mike in his w215 Mercedes-Benz CL500 gets our friends at D2Forged to refinish his wheels, he picked up a set of Work Varianza T1S‘.  Now he can ride around in style in the meantime.  Floss daily, even in your off days; that’s the Liberty VIP thing to do.

Since they are spares which will most likely go back on the car during the winter, this is being put in the “Winter Mode Allstars section.”


Winter Mode Allstars: 005

The salt that they put on the roads to melt snow/ice is harmful to the finish on our expensive wheels.  Some of the guys don’t get discouraged by mother nature and have nice “beater” rims just for the winter.  Who says you can’t roll around in style all 4 seasons?  Check out how Brett rolls around Toronto Canada during the snowy months.

G35 wheels powder coated in a gun metal finish on his lowered LS400 UCF20.


Winter Mode Allstars: 002

Anyone can look good for a picture.  Not all can do it every single day.  In doing so, you have to put in the extra effort even when you believe no one is watching.  Well guess what?  The streets are watching and they are saying Liberty VIP is changing the way you go about “Winter Mode.”

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