We get asked all the time: what are the requirements to join Liberty?  There are qualities that we look for in the car as well as the driver.  We are a modified luxury/vip style car club so you have to understand that there are some standards.  Would you try to join a Mustang club in a Camaro?  It is nothing personal at all.   Lets start with the car

  • Luxury sedan, preferably big body– We make acceptions on luxury coupe cruisers (SC430’s, CL500’s, etc.) that are styled correctly but they typically have to have more than the bare minimums
  • Lowered aggressively via adjustable suspension- coilovers, air bags, hydraulics
  • Tight wheel fitment- Flush or tuck, doesn’t matter but the wheel should be close to the edge of the fender.
  • Clean panels and overall presentation- Dents, dings, missing fog lights, mismatching panels need to be corrected to become an official member.
  • Quality wheels- Monoblock-3pc wheels, it doesn’t matter as long as they fit well and are legit.
  • Must drive low- We take pride in having cars that look as sick rolling as they do parked.  Drive height is sometimes a work in progress as you get comfortable with the suspension, car and learning of the roads.  While we have no haters that will point out that another in the crew is driving too high, no one wants to be the 4×4 in the club

Now the person who drives the car

  • Positive attitude- We have really good chemistry within the crew which we don’t want to jeopardize.  Jealousy and hate are the reasons most clubs don’t last.  We have a minimum 1 month screening process on the person’s overall vibe before they can rock a sticker or plate.
  • Willingness to help others- You have to be able to bring something to the table other than the car that you drive.  This can be anything from offering helping hand to a member in need, to just giving good advice.
  • Participation on and off the forums-  We all have different schedules due to work and family obligations so there is no number of shows or meets that is required but you should try your best to make the big events with fellow members in your area.
  • Overall, cool to hang out with and wants to have a good time- We do more than car meets like have dinners, go-carting, and more.  A few times a year, we go on trips all across the US/Canada which often involves splitting rooms with other members.  Once again, chemistry is important in keeping the family like feel.
  • Being On time-  This is something a few of us have gotten better at but its still a work in progress.  When 8 cars are waiting on 1, it sends a bad message to other members and often results in losing prime position at the event we attend.  Communication is key.  If you are having car problems, a text or phone call to another member is needed.  From there we can either send out help and/or call the promoter to try to save you a spot at the event.
  • Respectful to other members as well as non members- When we see someone at a show or meet who is in the vip scene or looking to get in, we treat them as one of us.  After all, we all had to start somewhere.  If this was any different, we would not be as big as we are.  Newbies should feel like they can approach us and kick it in our section of the lot.

It is not as difficult to get in as you may think by looking at some of our cars.  We all motivate each other to go harder subconsciously.  If you have a strong passion for this scene and the right attitude, you are half way in.

Other things to note, we are starting Liberty Wagon’s soon.  Same concepts apply (minus the luxury part as a requirement).  This will be open to wagons and vans.  Stay tuned for that.


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