LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Complete

Dreamakers has done it again.  Chris’ M35S is being delivered tomorrow.  All I can say is wow!

The exhaust tips were fitted better into the bumper as well.  The car looks great and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Good job guys. Continue reading

Accomplishments: Ron/RIX Cover

It’s not often you can get to grace the pages of a magazine.  Your car not only has to look sick but also groundbreaking in someway to separate it from the pack.  Getting a cover on the other hand, is 1000x times more difficult.  It’s like getting struck by lightning.  On top of having a complete well-built car, you need great timing.  If your slightly off, you may miss your chance of a lifetime.  All the stars lined up perfectly for Ron as he was able to shine on the newest cover of RIX magazine Issue #29

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Liberty Garage: 002 (completed)

I have to admit, when ever someone calls their coupe “VIP styled” I cringe.  It just doesn’t seem right since the scene was made for 4 door luxury sedans, not sporty little 2 doors.  This coupe right here is one of the rare occasions where you can place it between a bunch of vip styled sedans and not have it look out-of-place.  Fat Mikes car is now complete and I have to say, I am not only impressed but also proud to have this ride in the crew.  Great job!

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