Inspiration: Bentley Getting Inspired By AGI?

First off, I would like to say I LOVE the new 2012 Bentley GT.  This post is just comparing some obvious similarities from my car that I designed, with the new Bentley GT front end.

The previous Bentley’s grill was more angled and not as upright as this one (yes I know, that’s due to the new safety law).  Also, the headlamps are now angled and slicked back where as the previous model wasn’t.

When you move down to the bumper, you see that the fog light opening on the GT is very similar to the shape of the Lexus LS460 fog lights which I used.  On top of that, they removed the body lines that sculpted around the headlights that was found on the previous generation.  My car doesn’t have those lines either.

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The Road To VIP: 003

I can’t explain what you are about to see to an average enthusiast.  I take this movement very seriously the way the Japanese do.  Here are less than half of the issues I had to deal with during my quest for VIP.  All I got to say is “do you have the heart to risk your life for your lifestyle?”

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