Autofashion VIP Festival 2011 Pt. 1

On November 6, 2011 Autofashion held their 5th annual VIP Festival in San Diego, CA. For those of you not familiar with Autofashion they are one of the top VIP accessory/ modification shops on the west coast. With that said, this makes their VIP Festival the place to be every year for all your VIP and VIP styled inspiration and motivation.

West Coast LIBERTY VIP started the day out early by gathering up with a few other local crews for a pre-event meet/ caravan from LA to SD. Among those crews were the very known BIP VIP, whom organized the caravan, as well as Royal Flush, whom had cars present at SEMA.


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Mobile blogging…

Not exactly an “official” blog, but just keeping us current with capabilities on the move.

Just wanted to test out my new mobile blogging if you’re reading this, I can blog from anywhere at any time..which could prove to be useful in the future from meets or any other time sensitive material.

Riding high in some freezing rain…summer where for art though.
Riding high in the freezing rain...