Hall of Fame: 2011 Inductee 2 of 3: Rodney/Leche TL

At BLACK 2, we inducted 3 members for the 2011 Liberty VIP Hall of Fame.  The second inductee was Rodney.  He currently drives a Mercedes-Benz R350 wagon but he is most famously known for his Acura TL also referred to on the streets as “Leche.”

In 09, it was the first vip inspired TL out there and really made waves in the east coast.   Continue reading

New Forum on The Way

We are in the process of moving and rebuilding our forum and we should be done in the next few days.

In the meantime, feel free to go look at some of our older blogs as well as some of our friends blog pages shown on the side of the page.  Stay tuned as we look to make our new forum public for you guys to sign up to.


Philly International Auto Show

We are doing big things this year.  You can catch us at the Philly International Auto Show. 

The show officially opens Saturday Jan 28th and is on all week.  Be sure to check it out


Photoshoot Spotlight: BK’s Q45 F50

Since the tragic event occured in Oct, his BK’s brother Davin now owns the car.  Check out some really nice pics of the Q that Jordan from DrivenMotive took at Black 2

Photo credits: Driven Motive

Forever live the king.  RIP