1 Year Anniversary

Jan 10th marks the Date Mike “blkonblk98” and I officially started this page last year.  Although he is no longer apart of the crew, I have to thank him for his early contributions before he left the team on good terms last Spring.

Its been a great year.  So many memories have been documented on here.  I would like to thank all the members for contributing, the photographers for helping bring you guys the visuals and most importantly, you guys (the viewers).  If you have any suggestions, feel free to make them in the comments section and we will take them into consideration.  We are always looking to improve.  Thanks


LIBERTY VIP 2010 Recap Part 2: June-Dec

Second half of 2010 recap

Before the BBQ on Memorial day weekend went down, we had been secretly planning a VIP car show.  It was really risky since there wasn’t a big scene out east and it hadn’t been done before in North America.  The BBQ was to test the waters and draw hype.

So the promotion was in full swing in launching the first ever vip car show in the states titled “BLACK.”  Let me make this clear, others have done meets in different regions such as Hawaii and San Diego which we support fully but what we had planned was a full-out car show where only modified luxury cars were allowed in, with trophies designated to only certain makes.  That is what made it the first.

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LIBERTY VIP 2010 RECAP: Part I Jan-May

2010 was a historical year for the VIP scene out on the east coast.  It is the first time ever you can say that we had an actual scene.  This little club called LIBERTY VIP did huge things and it would be unfair to the crew as well as those who contributed from other regions to call us a north East car club.  We went global

Rodney held us down from late 2009 and early 2010.  It set the example for many and he did it with an unconventional vehicle for this style.  In our crew, you have the Liberty to do work to just about any luxury car and be accepted

Although the tattoo doesn’t rub off, you can say the message and attitude we bring rubbed off on many

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Memory Lane: 001 Bonafyd LS430

Building a sick vhip takes time. Usually lots of trial and error as well. Lets face it, most of us buy newer cars to get out of the car scene. How many times have you heard “I am just going to drop it and put rims on it and thats it”?  In this new section, we take you through some of our individual members journeys over the years.

Tommi “Bonafyd” shows us the progress of his LS430 over the last 15 months.  If you were to see this car in its early stages, you would think after suspension, he would of really been finished with it.  He took it a few steps further but it wasn’t done and over with in one shot.

20″ Work Varianza F2S wheels in Black polish on coilovers.

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